• "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.     2019 Spring/Summer softball Registration begins January 1st!  We are now Wasco Silver Hawks!!  Softball is BACK in the Olympics!  2020!!  Wasco Silver Hawks proudly supports all 1st responders.
Welcome to Wasco Fastpitch/Wasco Silver Hawks Softball!
Field Day is Sunday, Sept. 23rd from 9:00 am on.
Grab a rake, some work gloves and come help us maintain and beatufy our fields! 
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10U Commissioner 
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8U is where all the fun starts (not worrying about her college softball career)!  Click here for more 8U information.


10U is where learning and having fun is so important.  For the higher skill set player, we offer not only in-house but Wasco Warriors (light travel) to Silver Hawks.


12U is where kids can still be kids, be with their friends and continue to grow and/or start to take it to the "next level" and look at full time travel options.  Again, they can stay in-house, they can try out for Wasco Warriors or tryout for Silver Hawks.


14U -18U:  In-house players continue to have fun, hone their skills, be with their friends and leave time for other activities and/or try out for full time travel options such as Silver Hawks or Dennison Silver Hawks.


ALL OF WHICH IS RIGHT HERE!  One Place - with people you know - coaches you know - at fields that you know!  Wasco Silver Hawks!


What to make a difference?  "Don't speak the problem.  Speak the solution."  Click here for available board positions.



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"One of the biggest problems in youth sports is that kids don't know how to fail. There aren't winners and losers anymore. A vital part of life is learning how to navigate, handle and overcome adversity. Your kids will learn a lot more from failure than from success."



The 3 greatest things to say to your player before competition:  Have fun - Play Hard - I love you.  The 3 greatest things to say to your player after competition:  Did you have fun?  I'm proud of you and I love you.                   








Wasco Girls Fastpitch Softball

Discover the Wasco Difference

Excellence has no boundaries....some of our players come from over 30 miles away to have the best rec 'sball experience! And WHY?!  30 years of doing one thing....Softball.  Our players are constantly growing and developing as ball players. Our coaches are taught the most state-of-the-art approaches as taught by the best collegiate coaches in the business including LSU, 'Bama, UCLA, Michigan, Wisconsin and more.  They spend hundreds of hours promoting and respecting the game of youth softball.  This is all Wasco does year round is softball.  Why settle for anything less than the best for your daughter.We believe that girls should be empowered and strengthened.  If you play a sport, you play it like an athlete.  Athletes are not defined by gender but by one's commitment and desire to achieve success through setting and achieving personal goals via competition.  And with competition comes failure and success and how to handle both situations with dignity and grace is our goal.  Here at Wasco, we play by the same rules as any athlete.  If you hit a homerun, you earned it.  If you hit a triple, you earned it.  If you struck out, you earned it.  We do not believe in handicapping a player because she is female.  We believe in learning, teaching, growing, respecting. While we are a recreational league, we believe in teaching the player to give everything your best effort every time and that we are a part of a TEAM and that means a player should make themselves better, they make their teammates better, and they make the game better. WHILE having fun.

Fees are the same regardless of where you live - no "out of district" fees.  

We treat everyone like family.

Join the most respected and well-established league around.

Celebrating our 30th year!



Wasco Fastpitch Players at Verhaeghe Field in National Exxon Commercial

Featured in the commercial:

Front Row from left: Grace “Sobe’ Sobieski, Jordyn Wolfe, Vanessa Chicon, Lillian Cano, Sydney Garipay, Adare O’Connor 

Back Row from left:  Lindsey Jamarozek, Meaghan Domagalski, Grace McClure, Bell Golden,

Shae Edwards, Coach Sue Sobieski, Kayti Beauchamp, Taylor Baumgartner, Jill Anderson, Sami Sash


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Fun Facts

Nutty Facts & Trivia

Couples who cuddle tend to be happier and often have a deeper connection than those who don't. 

All people with blue eyes can be traced back to one person who lived near the Black Sea less than 10,000 years ago. 

Mickey and Minnie were married in real life. Russi Taylor became the voice of Minnie Mouse in 1986. She fell in love with Wayne Allwine, who was the voice of Mickey Mouse. They married in 1991, and stayed happily married until his death in 2009. 

We know more about the surfaces of Mars and Venus than we do about the ocean floor. 

Trees get email in Australia. In 2013, trees were assigned email addresses by the city of Melbourne so citizens could report any problems, but people ended up writing thousands of love letters to their favorite trees instead. 

Pigs, walruses and light-colored horses can be sunburned. 

You can constantly see your own nose. Your brain just pretends it isn't there so you won't go insane while trying to focus on the important objects in your field of vision. 

For every human on Earth, there are 1.6 million ants. 

A man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi was on a business trip in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb dropped. He was wounded, but returned to his hometown of Nagasaki, where the very next day the second atomic bomb was dropped. He survived both blasts and lived to 93. 

The sun and moon appear to be the same size in the sky because of an astonishing coincidence: the moon is 400 times smaller but 400 times closer. 

More people are bitten each year by New Yorkers than by sharks.

Did You Know That...? 
...Billy Joel never sells tickets to the front rows of his concerts. Aside from wanting to beat the scalpers, he got tired of all the bored, rich people staring up at him - so now, he sends his road crew out to bring down the fans from the worst seats so there'll be "people in the front row that are really happy to be there, real fans." 

...If you're talking to someone and they start blinking a lot, they may have stopped paying attention. Blinking, much like closing your eyes, puts up a barrier against the outside world and allows your brain to focus on something else. Studies show that when a person starts to blink more rapidly, it suggests their mind is wandering. 

...Abraham Lincoln was a 'crazy cat lady'. He regularly took in strays at the White House and was gifted two kittens, Tabby and Dixie, by a cabinet member. He was so in love with the duo that he fed Tabby under the table at a state dinner once and was heard exclaiming, "Dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet! And furthermore she doesn't talk back." 

...When you want someone to agree to your request, using the phrase 'but you are free to refuse' can double your chances. While studies show it works equally well no matter the type of request, how or why it works remains unclear but there are theories that it puts people at ease, because it shows respect and makes them feel like their freedom to say no isn't being violated. 

...There's a biological reason why we can't resist puppy dog eyes. Sustained eye contact significantly raises oxytocin levels in both humans and dogs, which encourages love, trust, and bonding. This response isn't even found in hand-raised wolves, which suggests humans and dogs may have co-evolved to share this trait in order to be companions. 

...You might live longer if you're extroverted, optimistic, agreeable, open-minded, and emotionally stable. Studies show that people with these traits can have stronger immune systems, healthier hearts, and longer life spans.

Presidential Oddities 
Presidents are people too, and just like us they have done odd things. 

Gerald Ford modeled on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Gerald Ford had a side gig as a model. In 1942 he posed for a Cosmopolitan cover in his naval uniform. 

John Quincy Adams believed that planet Earth is hollow. He once authorized a proposed journey to the center of the earth. 

Herbert Hoover's White House staff had to hide from him. Herbert Hoover insisted that his staff never see him - and he didn't want to see them either. 

Warren Harding lost the White House china in a poker game. In one hand during one of his bi-weekly poker games, Harding lost a set of china that had been in the White House for decades. 

Three presidents won Grammys. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter won Grammys for the audio versions of their biographies. 

George Washington's false teeth were not made of wood. They were made of other people's teeth - most likely slaves. 

Clint Eastwood was almost Vice President under George H.W. Bush.In 1988, George Bush considered Clint Eastwood as his running mate but ended up choosing Dan Quayle instead. 

Four presidents were cheerleaders.Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, and George W. Bush were cheerleaders in either high school or college.