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Wasco Girls Fastpitch Softball League is a staple in our extended community. We have been serving area athletes since 1988. We are completely self-reliant as we receive no monies from park districts, taxes, etc. and rely solely on registration fees, sponsorships and fundraising. We thank you for considering Wasco Girls Fastpitch for your advertising dollars. 

Average website "Impressions" per Sponsor
in the past 15 days - 18,000!

Spring/Summer - January 1st through June 30th
 Fall Ball - July 1st through December 31st

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Flexible levels of sponsorship including multiple time commitments and talent levels: Each talent level expands the media coverage available to your business. The current season and yearly memberships offer investment flexibility.
  • Penetration of your target market: We have over 600 players, 1200 parents and even more siblings, friends, neighbors, grandparents and co-workers exposed to your company's name. The level of package you select determines your penetration level.
  • Maintain ties to your community: Many of the athletes are your current and future customers. Players go on to numerous travel organizations, varsity teams, and colleges. Your organization grows with them.
  • Exposure in the Chicago land area as well as western suburbs--numerous visiting towns would see your company's banner. We host several area tournaments allowing additional exposure to hundreds of additional families and patronize area business bringing in additional revenue to the area communities.
  • Media Relations: Sponsorship Teams have been mentioned by local papers.
  • Integration with your current marketing campaigns: You may share your monthly messages with our sponsorship director; we will work with you to integrate other elements of your plans with our audience.
  • Collaboration with a Winning Attitude: In 2015, the Wasco Warriors had a record number of teams - 7 teams; 8U, (2) 10U, 12U, (2) 14U, and 16U for a total of 84 players. These "All Star teams" are made up of players from Genoa, Sugar Grove, Aurora to St. Charles and Elgin area. They play in-house with Wasco as well as this tryout “semi-travel" team.  From the 2015 All Star teams, 68% of the players went on to full time travel ball.  They won first place in every tournament and 3rd place in one other (respectively). Tourneys were played (and will be played again) in Carol Stream (along with approx. 25 other teams), Woodstock (with approx. 24 other teams), Algonquin (with approx. 35 teams) and Kankakee (with approx. 50 other teams) during the summer months. They do numerous "charity" events as a way of giving back and learning humility. The teams we played are generally from Lake, Cook, Kane, DuPage, Will and McHenry. That winning attitude extends to our seasonal players that increase the number of players to 600. We believe that girls should be empowered and strengthen.  If you play a sport, you play it like an athlete.  Athletes are not defined by gender but by ones commitment and desire to achieve success through setting and achieving personal goals via competition.

We accept all major credit cards.  Simple click on "Purchase Sponsorship" tab

Valid for an Entire Year
That’s Two Seasons (Spring/Summer & Fall)
  • Travel All-Star Team sponsorship
  • Traveling banner
  • A home field banner with home plate
    premium position
  • Beautiful display plaque
  • Front page advertisement with
    click thru on our website
  • Email monthly marketing blast and
    sponsorship of the parent tip of the
    week email
  • Promotional game integrated with your marketing campaigns
  • A listing on our Sponsor Page.
Valid for Current Season
(Spring/Summer or Fall)
  • Recreational team sponsorship
  • A travel banner
  • A home field outfield banner
  • Beautiful display plaque
  • Front page web advertisement and click thru to your website
  • Sponsorship of the “Hey Coach” content page of the website
  • Listing on our Sponsor Page.




Valid for Current Season
(Spring/Summer or Fall)
  • Includes a home field park banner in the outfield of the competition park
  • Beautiful display plaque
  • Listing on our Sponsor Page.







Valid for Current Season
(Spring/Summer or Fall)
  • Includes a banner in two fields of the practice park
  • Beautiful display plaque
  • Listing on our Sponsor Page.
Valid for Current Season
(Spring/Summer or Fall)
  • Includes 6 month listing on our front page

Wasco Girls Fastpitch Softball League is a staple in our community and WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are 100% supported by donations and sponsorships. We receive no monies from Townships/Recreation or Park Districts and are solely responsible for maintaining our own league.

Please consider sponsoring our girls in whatever capacity you can. 
Thank you!

*ads can include clip art, business cards, etc. All ads must be approved by Director of Sponsorships. CUT OFF is March 15, 2016 SPACE IS LIMITED!!!!!